Our Elders Speak

Our Elders Speak

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by E3Live

4 Living Foods Elders​ a​nswer 112 key questions about health, longevity and happiness.​ ​Our Elders Speak is the ultimate go-to book for a healthy lifestyle!

about the authors

We as a group, have over 200 years of history in the live food clinical, research, personal experimentation and counseling, while observing for decades the results of our guidance.

— Viktoras Kulvinskas

We are here to give you the tools that we have seen work in hundreds of thousands of people's lives.

— Brian Clement, PhD, LN

Our statements are based not on a few years of experience and reading a few books, but on over 40 years of real life success and experience.

— Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

This book is the fruition of approximately 200 combined years of scientific study, lineal and personal experience and devotion. There is a lot of good information on the Internet, but there is a lot of information that is hype or simply not true. I truly hope this book brings some clarity to the situation.​

— Fred Bisci, PhD.