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Ground Beef Burger Patties

Ground Beef Burger Patties

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by Pittsburgher Highland Farm

2 pounds frozen; 4 patties

Pittsburgher Highland Farm is the realization of a dream to produce quality cattle in a sustainable environment and provide healthy and tasty beef to discriminating consumers at an affordable price. After a lengthy career in real estate and community development, owner Mark Smith, went back to his dairy farm roots and began to experiment with Scottish Highland cattle on rented pasture. He is continually working to implement a natural farming system that is both humane and environmentally responsible.

Smith partnered with Dana O’Connor in 2014 and together they have more than tripled the size of the operation, further fulfilling the mission of providing healthy, environmentally sustainable beef at an affordable price. Dana’s interest in grass fed beef grew from an interest in health and wellness and the ability of quality, nutrient dense diet to create health. She recently completed a certification in nutritional therapy in order to further her knowledge and understanding of the intersection of food and health.

Pittsburgher Highland Farm is located near Mount Pleasant in the lush grassy foothills of the Laurel Highlands with a distribution warehouse in Wilkinsburg, an eastern Pittsburgh neighborhood. The operation is all organic, using no pesticides or herbicides, and even employing minimal use of equipment.

The farm adheres strictly to USDA standards for organic,grass-fed, naturally raised, and humanely treated livestock, as well as Quality Highland Beef protocols developed by the American Highland Cattle Association.