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Ginger Turmeric Cayenne Kefir Soda

Ginger Turmeric Cayenne Kefir Soda

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By Buchi Kombucha

Buchi cultivates a culture of craftsmanship, regenerative commerce, and sustainable community. Ideas we believe that cultivate a movement and build a company our grand kids will be proud of. We have three pillars of engagement which help us distinguish ourselves in the market: craft, commerce and community. We are actively contributing to a new narrative for how capitalism can be reborn with an ethos where the creation and exchange of crafted goods between communities is an extension of our individual purpose and engagement with each other at the most primal level - the soul. We use a tradition and heritage brew method with the highest quality teas, raw cold-pressed juices and medicinal/botanical herbs.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Kefir Water, ; 12 oz bottle