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Tavolo Pazzo is a single estate, cold pressed, 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from renowned Moresca, Nocellara Etnea and Biancolilla olives grown in southern Sicily's Enna province, where olive groves reside over the Mediterranean Sea. For best quality, our olives are cold milled at our factory on the day of harvest within hours of being carefully selected for your family's table. Olives are selected and harvested by hand with combs and nets between the end of October and the first half of November. In a few hours they are brought to our factoruy where they are processed with a cold milling process (T<27) 500ml green glass bottles. The aromatic notes of our !00% Italian Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a delicate, sweet and refined taste make it particularly suitable for raw salad dressings, vegetables, bruschetta, sauces, soups, meat and fish.
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