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Master Tonic Unsweetened
Master Tonic Unsweetened
Master Tonic Unsweetened

Master Tonic Unsweetened

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by Frontier Cultures

Inspired by generations of farmers and homesteaders who crafted their own health remedies, Frontier Cultures makes raw and organic vinegar tonics with a "food as medicine" approach. Their signature Master Tonic offers a fiery blend of roots and peppers that promotes the growth of beneficial gut flora, improves digestive health, and bolsters the body’s immune system. Using raw, organic apple cider vinegar as their base, Frontier Cultures’ tonics have naturally occurring prebiotics that improve gut health and promote overall well-being. Whether taken straight as a health “shot” or used as an ingredient in a dressing or spicy cocktail, adding Frontier Cultures’s tonic to a healthy diet promotes a healthy future.

Ingredients: raw apple cider vinegar, horseradish root, onion, habanero, garlic, ginger root, turmeric root, jalapeno, grapefruit zest and rosemary

Frontier Cultures produces and uses the highest quality ingredients to make tonics that improve digestion, fight inflammation, and boost immunity.