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Cafe Chocolade is a dedicated gluten free bakery and vegan friendly small Bakery Café and make all of our items in small batches and everything is made from scratch. Owner, James Kaufman is an internationally recognized, award winning pastry chef and makes all items in small batches from scratch.

Café Chocolade Pasta Instructions

All Cafe Chocolade pastas are gluten free and naturally vegan, made from rice starch, water, extra virgin olive oil and flavoring. Each pasta tastes like what it is called. It is dry pasta and does not need to be refrigerated or frozen.

When cooking it you just treat it like normal pasta, boiling salted, oiled water if the water tastes good so will the pasta. Place the pasta in the boiling water turn it down to a simmer side of a boil and help the pasta sink into the water. Stir it from time to time so it does not stick to the bottom of the pot. It does not contain gluten so it is a more delicate type of pasta so be gentle. For the linguini, it takes around 11 minutes, the fettucine takes around 12 minutes, each person likes their pasta different so start tasting it about a minute before my prescribed times to get it the way you like it. The lasagna I cook about half way around 6-7 minutes so it is still soft but a bit firm in the middle, when you layer it with your lasagna fillings it will cook the rest of the way.

All pastas, linguini, fettucine, lasagna, orzo or penne when you get them to your particular state, dump the pasta gently into a colander (the orzo dump it into a sieve) and rinse off with cold water to flush out the starch, then just put the finished pasta into you sauce to rewarm it, or if you prepare the pasta ahead of time, just toss the pasta in some good quality olive oil or fat of your choice lay it out thinly on a sheet try cover it with plastic wrap and when your sauce is ready toss the pasta in and stir gently to rewarm it and enjoy. Thank you for purchasing our pasta!

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